Little Angels Nursery School


Confident walkers-2 Years

We are fortunate to have the space to offer two separate baby rooms, this gives us the opportunity to cater for the difference. Once children find there feet they want to be on them all the time! the wings class room offers a safe and active environment.

In Wings we provide a wider range of experience for toddlers who are eager to learn more about the environment around them. The Wings room caters specifically for children at this early stage who are interested in learning new skills of sharing and playing alongside other children. The toys and equipment we provide offer a wide range of developmental experiences, and furniture and resources are equipped for children who do not want to leave there feet.

Shape sorters, inset jigsaws, large and small building bricks, wheeled toys, sensory baskets and many more aid development, but most importantly provide the children with immense enjoyment.

Language and speech development is encouraged, both individually and in group activities through stories, singing and music time. We also have a wide selection of equipment for the children to explore in our outdoor play space and offer outings to the park.

The large room provides space for water, sand and messy play as well as space for quiet time and relaxation.

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    Little Angels Nursery and Pre-school
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    Tel: 0114 2376668


  • Equal Opportunities

    At Little Angels we operate an equal opportunities policy ensuring that staff, children and parents are never discriminated against on the grounds of religion, sex, race, language or disability.

    Everyone is treated as an individual to ensure every ones needs are met.

  • Parents as partners

    Here at Little Angels Nursery School we build positive relationships with all parents and carers through our open door policy, key person system and regular parent’s evenings.

    We organize charity events, open days and celebrate all festivals where parents and carers can join in as much or as little as they like.