Little Angels Nursery School

3-5 Years

Now begins the time for preparing your child for school by providing a structured daily routine and planned activities. The children are encouraged to develop their own independence and confidence, thus building their self esteem and in turn respect for others.

The activities that form part of an ordinary day in Angels include; fun interactive mathematics where the children learn with the use of shapes, literacy through reading and the encouragement of writing, arts & crafts and creative play provide an outlet for the children to encourage the development of their imagination.

Nursery Workers plan activities based on the Early Years Foundation seven areas of learning:

1) Understanding of the World

2) Communication & Language

3) Literacy

4) Mathematics

5) Creative Development

6) Physical Development

7) Personal, Social & Emotional Development


Learning through play is an exciting and enjoyable process, enabling children to explore their environment from different perspectives. We have a computer in the classroom so all of the children have the opportunity to develop their ICT skills.


We hold regular parents evenings to ensure you are always fully informed of your child’s progress and development.


  • Contact Little Angels

    Little Angels Nursery and Pre-school
    30 Bochum Parkway
    S8 8JR

    Tel: 0114 2376668


  • Equal Opportunities

    At Little Angels we operate an equal opportunities policy ensuring that staff, children and parents are never discriminated against on the grounds of religion, sex, race, language or disability.

    Everyone is treated as an individual to ensure every ones needs are met.

  • Parents as partners

    Here at Little Angels Nursery School we build positive relationships with all parents and carers through our open door policy, key person system and regular parent’s evenings.

    We organize charity events, open days and celebrate all festivals where parents and carers can join in as much or as little as they like.